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Written By: bigproject - May• 31•15

Factors to Consider when Trading Forex A number of practices when used in daily forex trading can only mean incurring loses. In an attempt to ramp up profits, trader make several mistakes that end up costing them more. This can change if you are equipped with the right knowledge and use the right trading strategies that in turn translate to profits. Average downwards Although when starting out most traders do not intend to average downwards they end up doing it. This move usually results in a number of disadvantages the most common being the loss of your trading position, money and time. This lost time and money could have been invested in something more profitable. You will require more money sometimes up to twice the lost amount to bring back the capital to its original amount. In addition to this to get back to the previous status of you, need to use more money sometimes double what you lost to bring back the capital amount to where it was hence the growth of your capital is largely affected when you keep losing money. Averaging down may work a few times but the moment a trader fails to remain liquid it becomes a challenge especially if more money is being lost.
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Always prepositioning for news
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While the importance of waiting for news in trading markets is crucial, most traders hardly take the time to know the markets direction beforehand. While a trader may be confident about the news, he or she may fail to use the predictions as an advantage. With the additional statements and figures, it becomes illogical and useless to the trader. This means that taking a position before the news puts your success chances on the line. Immediate trade once the news is done While this common mistake is always taken for granted as most people rush to trade aggressively once news hits the market it is a serious mistake. Traders think that they are taking advantage of the news to make more profits not knowing that the move is like gambling. What they are unaware of is the fact that trades have a way of turning around rapidly making traders to lose majorly with the back and forth swings. Good traders always wait until the volatility subsides and a definitive trend develops after the announcements before they can trade. Risking a bigger percentage of your capital Unlike what most people think, excessive risk does not necessarily mean more returns. In fact, traders that risk more than one percent in single trades stand a chance of losing everything than those who do not. It is a common rule not to trade more than this percentage to increase your success rates. Borrowing from professionals who risk less than one percent of the capital, success in forex trading is guaranteed. It is important to maximize on your risks if you are to stand a chance of successful trading.

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