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Written By: bigproject - Dec• 12•15

From my experience in Binary options I mostly liked trading on the 60 seconds binary option platform which I considered as one of the fastest growing ways to trade. Anyone can make fast money trading 60 seconds and you can actually make up to 70%-85% payouts Monday to Friday week in week out. So rather than the slow and very difficult rise in profits via Forex or standard vanilla options trading, we are talking rapid fire binary style trading with the potential of more than 90% gain on each trade, that simply doesn’t exist in the regular stock market unless you capture a tremendous volatile event (predicting the future is a joke and impossible) and own the right options on that stock. If you asked me what is preferred, or safer or more rewarding? I would have to say Binary Options and specifically 60 second binary options trading every time. 

What I also liked and also does not exist in any other market is the Risk Management set up in Binary Options.  Good simple to understand risk management will help you reduce your losses or help turn a losing trade into a winner. Features like Guaranteed pricing, same day withdrawals, Buy Me Out (selling options early), Rollover (extending expiry) and account insurance enable any trader of any experience type or even those looking for “financial entertainment” to set trades and make good profits easily.

I want have this opportunity to talk about the “buy my out” feature which allows the traders to sell their option at any point, for a cost. This feature not only adds a dynamic edge to the trading platform, but helps the investor to limit or reduce his loss/risk on any open trade. You can only do this while trading Binary Options and also only with specific brokers like the one I use ( It is simple and easy to use, when your trade is going against you, simply click on the buy me out button and the system will offer you a price to close your trade at that time, reducing your loss. Rollover is also an ideal feature that allows you to turn loss into gains. By pushing the expiration to a later time, in order to let the price get back where it needs to be to win the trade!

I believe that Binary Option trading is the only trading tool where you have enormous payouts combined with protection rates to reduce your losses. In a world where you don’t get any contact unless you spend a fortune I was really happy and surprised when my broker called and helped me even though I only started the account with $1000.

My dream is to earn big profits and get a better lifestyle; as much as I can I will continue to write about my time trading and the results that follow. Best of luck to you with your own trading and remember 60 seconds is where the magic happens!

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