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Finding a Company to Move Our Belongings to Another State Was Easy

Written By: - Jan• 22•15

We have wanted to move to another part of the country to be closer to family for awhile now. My husband and I had been living in the Dallas area for 15 years, and we missed all the family members and the smaller city that we left behind when we moved to the big city. I am in charge of checking out various moving companies in Dallas and finding a place for us to live at our destination. My husband has been saving money for quite some time now to prepare us for this move, so I want to make sure that I do it right and leave no stone unturned. Our little family deserves that.

I found a rental home thanks to many online searches. When I found some places we would be interested in, I had the ability to look at photos online, read all about the places, and then call the leasing agent to ask them more questions. After a few hours of looking, I found two houses that would be perfect for us. I showed them both to my husband and he liked them both. He told me that the final decision was up to me since they were both in our I had a lot of fun with making the final pick.

After getting our new residence out of the way, I had to find a reputable business that would help us pack up our cherished belongings and get them to our destination safely. I read through a lot of reviews online to hear what other customers had to say about a variety of moving companies. I finally decided on a well-known company that has been around for decades.

Just days before our move, employees from the company I chose came to our home to start packing. They were very thorough and were happy to listen to my ideas about how I wanted certain things packed. All of our belongings filled their truck. They left that afternoon with our belongings and they showed up on time at our destination. We met them there and they helped unload everything. I’m so happy to report that not one of our things was broken or lost.

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