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Freelancing Photography for Cash

Written By: - Feb• 28•16

If you are a budding photographer, or just someone who admires great photos, and you also are looking for more work, you may want to think about freelancing as a photographer.

Following your passion is one of the best ways to find employment. When you love what you do, new opportunities open up regularly. You never know, you may find that on one of your freelancing assignments you meet someone who works in a field you are fascinated with and they need more photography work done. When you are a freelancer, you are not contractually obligated to work exclusively for one client- you can follow whatever projects interest you.

One downside to working as a freelancer is that you need to invest in all of your own equipment. The silver lining here is that freelancing can help you pay for the kind of camera you will love. Many amateur photographers dream about cameras they can never afford. As a freelancer, your camera will be paid off just by doing the thing you love. What is more, since you are self-employed, you can use your camera as a tax write off, helping to offset the cost even further.

Another is that once you turn the photos over to your client, you are no longer the proprietor of those photos. Prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for the fact that once you sell a photo to a client, it is no longer your art. It still originated from you, and you can ask for photo credits, but it no longer belongs to you. That will take a bit of adjusting to.

Despite some of the downsides, freelancing as a photographer for your income definitely has some wonderful perks. It is well worth your investment to pick out a camera that works well for you and produces the photos you want. In no time, your freelancing work will pay off the camera. And then, all you are left with is a hobby you love, a camera that is paid for, and a perpetual stream of income.

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