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Hunting is Actually a Source of Healthy Protein

Written By: bigproject - Dec• 27•14

The food chain in the us is actually polluted with poisons. Everything starts off with genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Large organizations, particularly Monsanto, already have bio-engineered many crops like corn to acquire pesticide within just it so that it will not mind really being painted with more pesticide sprays. In addition to just having to squirt the actual undesirable weeds having weed killer, producers are able to squirt the whole crop, yet only the particular weed growth definitely will pass away considering that the corn acknowledges all the pesticide as itself. This corn, at present filled up with poisons both inside and out, is the only form of corn available commercially in the USA these days to farm owners as feed for their beef and even hens and also pork which means lots of chicken available in the particular supermarket right now was in fact grown using pesticide packed corn. Lots of health officials think that the sharp rise of countless illnesses will be directly related with our contaminated foods.

People that hunt possess a source regarding meat that is not contaminated with GMOs. Any hunter can take his or her firearm along with a good supply of ammo and enter the woodlands each fall and winter and even pack his or her freezer with enough meat in order to last year-round in case he’s got adequate ammunition. It is easy to buy ammunition in bulk … generally there is cheap ammo online on a variety of unique websites.

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