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Looking for a New Job? 3 Steps You Should Take Today!

Written By: - Aug• 17•14

jkgjvhvJob searching can be a job in itself.

The whole process can be dull, draining and disheartening especially if you’re not getting the response you hoped for.

The best way to deal with this situation is to come with it with renewed passion., fresh eyes and an optimism and wonderment for any possibility.

This is the approach I took in my former career and the approach I advise others to follow for an increased success rate. You’ll have a much better chance and time if you have fun with the whole process.

A basic plan of action that I share with my clients includes the following:

- Ensure your resume/CV is up to date and that it highlights your core strengths and experiences

- Ensure your have a cover letter at hand that can be tailored for each application

- Research and identify at least 3 companies that are hiring and write to them today

- Research and identify at least 3 jobs you could apply to immediately

A good resume/CV must have the following:

1- A clear format

2- No grammar or spelling mistakes

3- Your most up-to-date contact details

4- Key words for the jobs you are applying for (to ensure yours comes up in searches)

5- on point and relevant information about your past experience relating to the new job you’re applying for

TIP of the day – ALWAYS try to follow up by phone after you write to a company/agency.

Let them know who you and that you have submitted your application for the particular job. This lets them know that you are interested

A voice over the phone is one step closer to a face to a name. Also it’s a way to stand out from the hundreds of applications they receive daily. Stay in touch regularly and keep following up with people.

Does it seem pushy or desperate? In my experience is shows you care, are pro-active and keen. All positives signs when looking for prospective hires.

Remember, today Social Media plays a major role in connecting professionals with one another, with LinkedIn being the favourite. It’s vital that you ensure your Linked in profile is up to date and projects you in your best light possible. Spend a little time on LinkedIn each day building and expanding your network, scouring the job pages and reaching out to people when relevant.

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