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Tips for Purchasing Your Next Home

Written By: bigproject - Nov• 28•14

Purchasing a home is a big deal for most people. Whether you are purchasing your first home or have had experience, it is important you are properly prepared. There are several things you can do, to ensure your home purchase is a success. Through this information, you can be properly prepared, so you can find the home of your dreams and get the best rates possible.

  • One of the first areas you need to be concerned about, is your credit score. Credit requirements have drastically changed over the last few years, but one area has not changed. The higher your credit score, the less you can expect to have to pay in down payments and monthly payments. It is important to look over your credit report and make sure everything is correct. Any score less than 650 will likely cause you to have to pay a sizable down payment and higher financing rates.
  • When deciding on a home, it is important you choose one you can afford. Traditional loans should not cause you to spend anymore than 28% of your income each month. If you purchase a home that is too expensive, you will likely end up having problems making the payments and could end up in foreclosure.
  • The amount you are required to put down could range from as little as 3.5, to as much as 20%. It is important you begin saving for this down payment before you even begin searching for a home. This will ensure you have the money in the bank, when the lender asks for it.
  • Most lenders want to know you are not a risk for a loan. This is why it is imperative you have money in savings. Lenders want to see three to five mortgage payments in your bank account. This will more than likely sway them to give you a loan.

By following these tips, you can be financially prepared for purchasing your next home. If you are in need of help, Miller Countrywide home buying assistance can offer you direction on buying your home. They can assist you through every aspect, to make sure you find the best home for your budget.

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