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What are the options when you are buying a flat in Noida?

Written By: - Jun• 16•15

And, when it comes to buying a flat in Noida and in India, you always have to make sure you are looking and buying as per your needs and requirements. So, for your help we have created a guide list when you buying a flat in Noida.

Affordable Vs posh area:

The whole of NCR is one of the most booming places in India for a 2 BHK Flat in Noida based flat. That’s why, over here you will find flats that are costly and luxurious; and are situated at prime locations. But, all this can mean only one thing; high prices. Square feet rates can vary from thousands.However, if you want an affordable place, then you can select places in Noida that are currently not susceptible to high prime rates just because they are posh.Just search and look for developing places rather than developed places, like near Yamuna Express way or Noida extension. Over here, many quality builders have projects that are affordable but elegant never the less.

Are you going to rent your place?

As the cliché goes, property is the safest form of investment, at least in India. And, if you want your property just for that, then you can rent it out. Now, if you are renting, then select an already developed place so that you your tenant can enjoy all amenities.You can buy affordable flats at sector 53, 51, 57 and similar places, and you can rent them out as per your wish. Do not buy flats where development is coming, as that might not fetch you right monthly rents.

Selection of flats:

There are various flats available in Noida. Some of them are luxurious, posh, costly, and very glamorous. Of course, prices on them are also high. However, if you want a decent sized flat in Noida, then you can always go for flats that are of small configuration. Like 3 or 2 bhk Noida based flats.And, if you want something extravagant, then go for penthouses or designer flats. Also, if you are single, then you can also opt for studio apartments.

Home loans:

Many flats and complexes already have existing deals with banks so that you can effortlessly apply for a loan for your new home. In fact, this is actually because of the tie ups that many builders and promoters have with the banks and financial institutes.Also, if you have preapproved loans, then you can quickly get a home and the loan.

Rebates and Discounts on your flats:

Although, there is a very slim chance that builders in Noida will give you discounts on their blissful and tranquil residential projects for 2 bhk Noida flats, but you can always try.Because of the competition, some builders can give your offs, or at least something freeFree Web Content, if you negotiate with them.

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